I recently read two very interesting articles by David A. Shaw discussing how children’s story Bibles work and also providing a framework for evaluating them. The articles are excellently written and should be read by every parent or teacher who uses/reads these books to kiddos. One of the results of the articles is that I now realize a level of depth to the children’s story Bibles that we own and read. There is more to them than I first supposed.

Here are links to the articles (can be read for free over at Themelios):

Speaking of children’s literature…there are some fantastic family titles being released soon. Here is a sample of some theologically rich children’s pieces on pre-order:

The Ology (kids systematic theology)

This is what you get when you combine a systematic theology and a children’s storybook. It’s a brilliant idea!

The Biggest Story

The illustrations alone make this book worth it, not to mention the focus on the grand narrative of Scripture!

god made all of me

There is an important message here, especially relevant for kiddos growing up in this generation!