Prayer by Walter Brueggemann

adapted from Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth (Fortress Press, 2003)

Speaking, acting, life-giving God,

the one with the only verbs that can heal and rescue,

We come petitioning one more time,

seeking your majestic address to us,

asking your powerful action among us,

waiting for your new life toward us.

Your creation teems with bondaged folk

who don’t have enough for life,

not enough bread, not enough clothes,

not enough houses, not enough freedom,

not enough dignity, not enough hope.

Your creation teems with bongdaged creatures,

great valleys become trash dumps,

great oceans become dumped pollutions,

fish wrapped in dumped oil,

fields at a loss for dumped chemicals.

So we pray for creation, that has become a dump,

and for all your people,

who have been dumped,

and dumped upon.

Renew your passion for life,

Work your wonders for newness,

Speak your word and let us begin again.

In your powerful presence, we resolve to do our proper work,

But we are not self-starters.

We wait on you to act, in order that we may act.

Show yourself in ways that give us courage and energy and freedom,

that we may love our neighbors as ourselves,

care for your creation as a holy sanctuary,

and praise the glory of your name, which fills the whole earth.

We pray in the savaged power of Jesus,

who loved and cared and praised.