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Senior theologian Peter Stuhlmacher, from University of Tübingen, has contributed a chapter entitled “N.T. Wrights’s Understanding of Justification and Redemption” in God and the Faithfulness of Paul (Mohr Siebeck 2016). He has some important criticisms as well as a few affirmations.

Here is a quote from Stuhlmacher regarding Wright’s exegetical method (page 371):

Rather than beginning with the historical origin of the individual texts and their statements, Wright prefers to work with entire passages, biblical contexts, and macro perspectives (PFG 965). He immerses himself into the Pauline world of ideas, Paul’s uses of Scripture together with the expectations  of salvation, reconstructs these and integrates Paul’s writings into that reconstruction. This constructive procedure uncovers some new matters that previously remained obscure. But it also gives Wright’s presentation a largely hypothetical character.