I was sad to hear that John Webster died on Wednesday 25 May 2016. 

I first heard the name of John Webster when I was a student at bible college. My professor said that he was one of the most brilliant theologians alive. 

As a member of the Anglican Communion Webster was truly a bridge between the church and academy. He had a gift of being both excruciatingly precise and immensely profound with his words. He was a master of saying much with as few words as possible. His command of the Emglish language was beautiful and influential. He made theology irresistible. And, perhaps most importantly, he was an intellectually rigorous and capable defender of the evangelical faith in the academy. 

John Webster has left a legacy of thinking deeply about Holy Scripture, perhaps what he would call sanctified biblical reasoning, and giving confidence to the church’s proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the true calling of every believer. May his legacy live on for generations to come.