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I am really enjoying this lecture series. I hope that it eventually gets published as a book too. One thing I appreciate about N.T. Wright is his ability to see the parts in light of the whole. This applies equally to his readings of Holy Scripture, his grasp of the history of biblical scholarship, and the nexus between those two.

On a separate note, here is my favorite quote from lecture 2:

The idea of first century Jews, including Jesus and his early followers, expecting the literal and imminent end of the world is in fact a modern myth…a story invented by a community to sustain its common life and purpose. In arguing against this myth, I therefore intend to kill a fatted sacred cow. Any prodigals hoping for a feast should come home right now.


Here is the third installment of Wright’s Gifford Lectures:

As always, check out the blurb over at University of Aberdeen’s web page. All eight lectures are now posted there.